Peripheral Vision

by Ian Randall Wilson
I have decided to push the world's body 
of knowledge in a new 
direction. We'll do geometry on 
rubber sheets, algebra 
in the attic, philosophy on the stovetop, 
sociology on needlepoint, history 
on linoleum, psychology on broken 
tiles, that's a nice rock you have there. 
The geologists will do their work on slate 
roofs, theoretical mathematicians need 
only abstract space but tonight, I assign 
them the living room's hardwood 
floor, new trends, old trends, back 
to bacon. Zoology on a soft 
mattress, trigonometry on wet paint, 
paleontology in a bird— 
cage, archaeology on freshly sodded lawns— 
I think my hands are more 
beautiful than my mother's. 
We'll pause now that refreshments have arrived. 

© 2002 by Ian Randall Wilson. All rights reserved.