Never Want to Let You Go

by Stephanie Scarborough
I love you dear and never want to let
You go.  I'll chain you to my basement floor
And can be with you, love, forevermore.
We'll never have to part again except
For grocery day, and then I'll rip your hair
Up from your dainty scalp and take it to
The Save-A-Lot so I can think of you
As I peruse the produce aisle and stare
Upon the cavalcade of fine canned goods.
Or maybe I could lock you in a box
That had no holes so when we go on walks
You won't leak out.  And while we're in the woods
Out on our little walk I'll take your box
And bury it, toss the keys, and change the locks.

 2002 by Stephanie Scarborough. All rights reserved.