Vol III, No 1 Spring 2003 ISSN 1537-1867

The Tooth Fairy by Lauran G. Strait

The Consequences of Man by Judd Hampton
The Other Tom Baxton by Michael Ramberg
Millionaire by Dave Fromm
The Old Linemen by Judd Spicer
The Last Battle of My Water-Gun Years
    by Eric Mein
Bottom of the Twelfth by Shawn P. Madison
It'll Be Fine by P.D. Sunderland

Three Ways of Waking by Danny C. Knestaut
Man on the Sidewalk by William Woolfitt
Hunger Erupts by Jesmia Avery
excerpt from the bleeding horse opus (middle)
    by John Sweet
for dali, with regrets that it couldn't be more
    by John Sweet
Cotton and Bone by Anne Fraser
Ghost Town Visitor by Jeffrey C. Alfier
Inversion by Janis Riehl
of dark, of Wychwood by D. Garcia-Wahl
The Connectedness of All Things
    by Chet Corey

Bellocq's Ophelia
    by Natasha Trethewey

The Porcelain Apes of Moses
by Jean Nordhaus

A Memoir of No One in Particular
    by Daniel Harris

Spies by Michael Frayn

Joe DiMaggio Turns His Lonely Eyes Toward the Girl at 2833 West Third Street by Michael Fedo

2002: The Top 10 Films