Vol III, No 2 Summer 2003 ISSN 1537-1867

Song of the Guatemalan Street Seller
    by Marcia Mascolini
African Eternity by Maureen M. Smith
Hari-ki-Pairi—Bathing at the Footsteps of God by Melinda L. Alderman-Vajaria
Guards in the Pushkin Museum
    by Sharon Chmielarz
Why She Likes It by Amber Shields
Outside Port-au-Prince by John Grey
The Highlands of Sulawesi by John Grey
What I have learned in the jungles of Guatemala by Kelly Westhoff
Collecting Stamps by Jeff Leong
Lake Trasimeno by Maria Cinanni
Summer—A Pantoum by Sreedhar Balagapal
A Terrorist in Words Alone by Corey Mesler

When the World Becomes New Again
    by Tony Rauch
At Les Baux by Ken Warner
Beyond the Reef by John B. Rosenman
Just Like Home by Allen McGill

Strange Currencies by Daniel Sendecki
The Legend of Ron Añejo by Ed Teja
The Lakestown Rebellion by Kristin Lattany

Book-Crawling in Bangkok
    by B. Somnouk Thao Worra
On Not Speaking English by Curtis West
Even Here We Are - Rabindranath Tagore and Why Art Anyway? by Weston Cutter

Tokyo Pulp: Seijun Suzuki's "Branded to Kill"

A Few Words with Ed Teja