About Our Contributors

Sharon Chmielarz is the author of six books of poetry, most recently The Sky Is Great, the Sky Is Blue (Whistling Shade Press).

Daniel W. Davis was born and raised in Central Illinois. His work has appeared in various online and print journals, most recently Bartleby Snopes, Necessary Fiction, and Blue Crow Magazine. You can find him at www.dumpsterchickenmusic.blogspot.com.

Britt Fleming lives in North Mankato, MN, where he is building a temple to Apollo in his backyard. He thinks humans are pretty cool and is always searching for the perfect bowl of pho. Please send your donations to President, Lower North Mankato Recreational Beverage Association.

Mike Finley is a Pushcart awardee who lives and writes in St. Paul. His most recent project is ZOMBIE GIRL, a graphic novel. Proceeds from ZOMBIE GIRL go to anti-suicide work in the Twin Cities.

D. Garcia-Wahl's latest poetry collection, Becoming, was published by Whistling Shade Press in 2010.

Graham Hillard lives and teaches in Nashville, Tennessee.  His work has appeared widely, in such journals as The Oxford American, Tar River Poetry, Puerto del Sol, Regarding Arts and Let­ters, and Best New Poets 2010, guest edited by Claudia Emerson.

Sten Johnson is a fiction editor for Whistling Shade. He lives above the La Belle Vie restaurant in Minneapolis, but has never eaten there. His travel adventures include Paris, Montana, Taiwan, and Peru, the subject of a long-germinating novel in progress.

Most of R. Lindsey Kelly’s epiphanies have occurred with his toes in the dirt and the sun on his back.  With this knowledge, he is currently sitting outside, editing his collection of literary short sto­ries with the working title: "The Wren In The Walnut Tree—and other tales of flora and fauna."  This is his first poetry publication.

Hugh Mahoney is a writer who lives in Minneapolis. His satirical novel, Virgins & Martyrs, is due to be released in May.

Alex Myers lives and teaches in Rhode Island. His fiction has appeared recently in Juked, A Capella Zoo, and Drunken Boat. Currently, he is working on a novel and just graduated in January with an MFA from Vermont College of Fine Arts.

John-Ivan Palmer's  novel, Motels of Burning Madness, was released this year through The Drill Press. He was recently interviewed by Tom Bradley in Exquisite Corpse. The selection in this issue is from Wild Ruins of the Waking Sleep, a memoir currently in search of a publisher.

William Ricci is an outdoor enthusiast and a writer of experimental poems and essays about nature and awareness.  Poetical influences include: D. Nurkse, Nick Flynn, John Haines, Robin­son Jeffers, William Blake, Samuel Taylor Coleridge, and Arthur Rimbaud.

Justin Teerlinck will soon be moving to the Portland area, where he will continue to pen letters to monsters, pretend to be a centaur, and man his George Foreman grill. His reply to most questions  is “Meow don’t know.”

Jeff Vande Zande lives in Michigan and tries to fly fish its many blue-ribbon trout streams as often as he can. His latest book, Threatened Species, was recently released by Whistling Shade Press. He maintains a website at www.jeffvandezande.com.

Joel Van Valin is the publisher of Whistling Shade and the author of the fantasy novel The Flower of Clear Burning. For complaints about the literary journal or its writers, please call 1-800-NOT­GUILTY.

Curtis West’s essays and short stories have appeared in The Urban Pioneer, Whistling Shade, Transitions Abroad, The Seneca Review and The St. Paul Pioneer Press.

Andrés Amitai Wilson was named after the famed classical guitarist, Andrés Segovia. Though not yet able to do the tango, he is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Comparative Literature, plays gui­tar himself, and practices yoga.