About Our Contributors

Britt is a storyteller, published short story writer and the founder of radio theater troupe Deadbeats On The Air. As Britt Aamodt, she is a print and radio journalist and the author of the Minnesota His­torical Society Press book Superheroes, Strip Artists, & Talking Animals.

Julia Diaz-Perrish lives in Los Angeles with her TV ... just as friends!

Daniel Gabriel's stories and articles have appeared in over 150 publications in 8 countries. His first fiction collection, Tales from the Tinker’s Dam, is available from Whistling Shade Press.

Sten Johnson is a fiction editor for Whistling Shade.

Rachel Kennedy earned her B.A. in English literature and creative writing from Catawba College in Salisbury, NC. She is currently working on her MFA in creative writing at Adelphi University, and her concentration is poetry. She lives in New York but was raised in New Hampshire.

Iris Key is a fiction editor for Whistling Shade. She lives in Minneapolis.

Daniel Maclaine is happy to appear in the pages of Whistling Shade again (“Evan Went to Heaven” - Summer 2004). He is a regular contributor to the Sunday Los Angeles Times Kids' Reading Room section. He is currently at work on a comic novel called The House of Inappropri­ate.

Neha Malhotra has two words to describe herself—creative and contrary. A writer with insatiable wanderlust, Neha has been writing since 12 and had poems published since 19... she hopes this prose piece is a step closer towards writing a best-seller and freelancing. She's currently based in India.

N. Andreil Martin lives a stone's throw from Tower Grove Park in St. Louis, Missouri. She wan­ders through the trees and, along the way, writes poetry. She earned a B.A. in Creative Writing from Webster University and is enrolled in Naropa University’s MFA Writing & Poetics Program. Miss Martin is published with The Ampersand, The Green Fuse, and the African American Review.

Michael P. McManus has received a poetry Fellowship from the Louisiana Division of the Arts, The Virginia Award from The Lyric, and The Ocean’s Prize from Sulphur River Literary Review. Selected publications include Soundings East, Texas Review, Raintown Review, Rattle, Epiphany, ONTHEBUS, Louisiana Literature, Prism International, Atlanta Review, Burnside Review, Square Lake, Night Train, and Reed Magazine.   

Dave Migman is a prolific writer, artist and stone carver. His work has appeared in various on line ‘zines and print magazines. These include GUD, Polluto, Identity Theory, Neon, Glasgow Review, Foliate Oak, amongst many others. His first novel, The Wolf Stepped Out (a blackly humorous tale of madness and delusion)  is available from Dog Horn Publishing. Please feel free to check out his website, davemigman.com

Tony Rauch is an Architect and Urban Designer living in Minneapolis. He has three collections of funky, jazzy, dreamy stories published, with another to follow in the coming months. He’s been interviewed by the Prague Post and reviewed in the MIT paper The Tech, among many other ven­ues. He is looking for work, so if you know anyone who is hiring, please drop him a line.

Deanna Reiter is a Certified Yoga and Pilates Instructor, Personal Trainer, Breathworker, Reiki Practitioner and public speaker residing in Minneapolis. She is the author of Dancing with Divinity: Positive Affirmations for any Situation, The Nine Scoundrels: How to Recognize and Release Sub­tle Patterns of Sabotage and Running A to Z.  Deanna can be contacted at: http://www.daya­wati.com.

Nick Sansone is a student in the MFA program at the University of Massachusetts-Amherst and the author of the novel Shooting Angels. His short fiction has appeared or is upcoming in a number of venues, including Word Riot, PANK, Bartleby Snopes, Big Lucks, NANO Fiction, and The Los Angeles Review. A complete list of his publications is available on his website at http://nicksan­sone.yolasite.com.

Sandra Smith is a retired nurse living in Santa Monica. Her essays have appeared in the New York Times. She and her husband have traveled the world together gathering memories  that Sandy enjoys writing about. Now they can sit back in their easy chairs conjuring up the images without worrying about the lack of Western sanitation!

Justin Teerlinck is an occupational therapy graduate student in the Portland, Oregon area, where he is learning how to place his writing skills and sense of the absurd in service to people with dis­abilities.  His response to most standardized test questions is, "meow don't know this theoretical construct.  Meow try again please?"

Joel Van Valin is the publisher of Whistling Shade and the author of the fantasy novel The Flower of Clear Burning. For complaints about the literary journal or its writers, please call 1-800-NOT­GUILTY.