Turbo Escapes

by Robert Hendlish


   After years of being taken down the street, to the store, and on runs in the park, Turbo knew that Jon did not only want the companionship of a canine, but the assistance of a pet to begin conversations with members of the opposite sex. It was pretty obvious to Turbo that his devilish good looks as a Dachs­hund were too much for women to resist. His sleek coat, stubby strong legs, and droopy ears were a chick magnet that certainly helped his middle-aged, balding best friend meet women. They would always say, "Awww, he is so cute! What's his name?" Jon would answer with the corny line of, "I just rescued him, and he still needs a name. Any ideas?" If Turbo had a dollar for every time Jon used that line after five years together, he might be the wealthiest dog alive. Even Lassie would be envious. But now Turbo felt it was time to take matters into his own hands; it was his turn to help himself meet the dog of his dreams. If he was handsome to the humans, surely he had something to offer the beautiful female dogs out there.

   The real problem was that Turbo never got a chance to meet his favorite girl down the street, Cassie, face to face. She was the adorable poodle he had been in love with ever since the day they barked together for the first time. Unfortunately, Jon would always walk on the wrong side of the street, avoiding her house. Turbo could not take it any more. Today, he would do something drastic, something that he swore he would never do as a loyal dog: run away to be with Cassie. Turbo felt a hint of guilt about leaving Jon, but he was overtaken by the passion of love.

Jon would let him out every morning in the back yard while he got ready for work, and Turbo knew the area to escapeā€”he just chose never to take the opportunity. He could have crawled under the neigh­bor's fence at any time or even run out when the gardener left the gate open to bring in the lawn mower. But today, yes today, it was time to shine for his beloved Cassie.

As soon as Jon opened the door to the backyard, Turbo sprinted to the hole under the fence like a chee­tah after the hunt. He never ran so fast in his life; he felt as if he could go for miles and miles with a speed and vitality unmatched in the animal world.

He quickly made it to the corner of the street where Cassie lived. He was one house away, when suddenly a red-headed woman stopped in front of him, whistling. Turbo did his best to maneuver out of her way, but in an instant she snatched him by the collar.

"Turbo, what a cute name for an adorable dog!" the attrac­tive lady said, reading his tag. "Where are you going to so fast? And more importantly, where from? Where's home, boy?"

Then Turbo heard Jon's footsteps running behind them. His plan seemed to be turning into the biggest disaster since vegeta­bles were introduced into his dog food.

"Hi, ma'am. That's my dog, thank you so much for grabbing him! I can't thank you enough..." Jon said.

"Oh, don't even worry about it, it's my pleasure. I couldn't let a cute dog like this run the streets, especially one named Turbo," the woman replied with a flirtatious smile.

"Well, thanks again, and by the way, my name is Jon." Turbo's eyes rolled back.

"Hi, I'm Pam, and I live here on the corner with my poo­dle." Turbo's eyes quickly reopened.

"I've passed by many times," John enthused. "Your poodle is gorgeous, so majestic. What's her name?"

"Well," Pam answered, "I just got her, and she doesn't have a name yet. Any thoughts?"

   Pam had just one herself some major points in Jon's book. Smiling inside he said, "Hmmm, how about Bailey? Wait, no, she looks like a Sammie. Yes, Sammie is the one!"

"Sammie, huh? I kind of like the tone of that. Great choice, Jon."

It was then that Turbo realized that Jon's lines were not so corny after all. His beloved Cassie, or the newly renamed Sammie, would be his soon enough.