Two Pigeons in St. James's Park

by Sharon Chmielarz

The male’s insistent woo-wooing,
stalking a female, shows off his big
head, feathered mane. But she
isn’t interested? She wobbles ahead,
ignoring him. She must not be lonely.
Maybe she has other pigeon friends.
Maybe she’s the most popular pigeon
in the park, with dozens of males
who call after her, woo-woo.
He’s gaining on her down the path.
Is it artifice? —She lifts her wings
and flies away. Really!
How can she resist? It’s spring,
every groin in this park is throbbing.
she’s a passionate pigeon
but modest, and waits for him
in a nest, a throaty mistress. Coo-coo.
Ah! But he doesn’t follow.
So Victorian, to join her later
in the evening, violets in hand...