by Andrey Gritsman


I am a daydreamer by day and
night watchman by night.
At night I see dark clouds invisible
on the black streaming sky.
They fly in unknown direction
I think toward their cold destiny.
I see the dwellers of other planets around.
They don't have antennas, hoofs and tails
as we think, but are transparent shadows
living among us and they don't know
of burning bush and of three strangers.

My grandmother is standing in the corner
of my bedroom with my shirt
in her hands, looking
at the tear while I am talking to her
all night long.
My cats are playing with little spirals
of their DNA on the carpet.
And I am trying to talk to you,
I am talking to you!
Can you hear me, can you!?
Hear me!?

Since you don't answer
I am trying
to drown myself
in my sleep but can't.
Since as a night watchman
I can't sleep,
have to watch the night.