Death is not what we think

by Hanakia Zedek


Death is not what we are led to believe...
Take it from one who lives on both sides of it
Death is a dear friend that says
"Let me hold your heavy burdens"
Which invariably reminds you that
What ever you hold, Death will take from you...
When you let go
So too does it

Death is an advisor
If you are not dead today
Your time is still brief...
Showing you all available paths
And the ones that lead to it
To wit your gain in friendship
It shows how firmly you grip
And what, through your fingertips, slips...away

Think me not morbid
As I slip through, beyond and simultaneously
Towards it
Death has so many gifts to give
If you are not dead right now
Now is the time to live
Life to the fullest; allow it to unfold
As long as you can until your bell tolls!