Whistling Shade - Fall/Winter 2019

From the Whistler - Joel Van Valin


The Wizard of Osborn - Z.Z. Boone

Cold Missive - Judson Blake

The Depilator - by Barry Wade Simms

Grounded - by Robin Schauffler

Fun Patrol: Observations in Northern Latitudes
by a Gentleman Explorer
- Dr. Horace S. Browntrout

Essay & Memoir

Master Absence List - Anthony J. Mohr

Of Cider-Jugs and Sunbeams - Josh Gidding

Lost Writers of Minnesota: Claude Washburn - Joel Van Valin


Glories - Sharon_Chmielarz

November Dawn - Glenn Freeman

Winter Landscape with Crow - Carol Rucks

Pine Siskins - Charles Weld

Roots - Ted Mc Carthy

Maud Stevens Wagner Speaks of Transformation - Kelly R. Samuels

Donald Trump’s Tongue Remembers the First Time it Said, ‘Pocahontas’ - Benjamin Klas

Late August in Mourning - Stephanie Smith

Sparrow - June Blumenson

Where it started is the same - Jo-Anne Cappeluti

When Harm's Undone - Melanie Richards

The Drunkard - Christopher Wiles


The Heavens by Sandra Newman

The J Horoscope by Sharon Chmielarz

The Road by Heart—Poems of Fatherhood edited by Greg Watson and Richard Broderick

Retrospective - Highlights of Past Issues

Appliances by Craig Hartglass (Summer 2009)


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