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five more things (about aunt bunny you may not have known)

by Tony Rauch


63. apparently she has wings that are of a transparent skin-like material and fold up to retract into the sides of her back


64. apparently she can fly at cruising speeds of up to 40 miles per and cover distances of up to 24 miles at a time without resting. With a fair tailwind she can travel up to 35 miles before requiring rest


65. apparently her marmalade is of the highest quality (no mat­ter what you’ve heard from Tilly)


66. we don’t know as of yet if her wings are a natural phenom­ena or a part of natural evolution. In any event, she got a pair, and as far as I know the rest of us didn’t


67. she has mentioned several times in the past about taking me for a ride on her back, fluttering us through the fields and along the riverbank, but as of this time this activity has yet to be realized