Here are some useful links related to literature. If you know of a good literary site and would like us to add it, send e-mail to Joel Van Valin

Local Literary Journals
Dislocate Dislocate is a print literary journal published by students in the MFA program in Creative Writing at the University of Minnesota. Everyone is welcome to submit.

Ivory Tower The undergraduate art and literary literary magazine of the University of Minnesota. It was previously called "The Wayfarer". Ivory Tower publishes only undergraduate student submissions.

Knockout A wonderful print poetry journal.

Midway Journal A literary e-zine based in St. Paul's Midway neighborhood.

Rain Taxi A national book review magazine based in the Twin Cities. They also publish chapbooks.

Revolver A literary arts organization based in Lowertown, St. Paul. They also publish literature online.

Spout A very hard-to-find literary journal that has been around since 1989, published "whenver the hell they feel like it". They also publish books on a limited basis.

Water~Stone A literary journal produced by Hamline University's MFA program. It appears once a year and publishes nationally known authors, as well as up-and-coming local writers.

Other Literary Journals
Leaves of Ink A swell little poetry site that publishes a new poem every day.

Dreaming Methods This experimental site is a fusion of writing, graphic arts, music and animation. A fascinating mishmash of everything!

Blue Bonnet Review A professionally done e-zine that also puts out a yearly print issue. They publish fiction, poetry and non-fiction.

The Stinging Fly A handsome print journal out of Dublin. They have some content from their back issues on the web.

Johnny America A curious, engaging print and web journal out of Lawrence, KS.

No÷ Journal A new print & e-zine out of Northern California. And in case you're wondering what "no÷" means - it's Greek for "mind", according to the site.

Trainless A new journal of travel writing and exploration.

Minneapolis Writers Workshop "The Minneapolis Writers' Workshop is a group of professional writers that meet weekly in Minneapolis, Minnesota. We mentor writers to help them sell their work. We have been meeting weekly since 1937."

Duotrope's Digest of Fiction Fields A large and well-managed index of print and web 'zines that publish fiction and poetry. You can search by genre and story length. Includes pay scales and overview of each magazine. Note - the site now charges a fee to use.

The Review Review As the name suggests, The Review Review reviews other literary reviews. They also have extensive links to literary journals online and in print, including format and submissions details.

The Literary Encyclopedia A well-written and comprehensive site containing profiles and bibliographies of a vast assortment of writers. Most of the big names of the past can be found here, as well as better-known contemporary authors

The Loft A writer's center, located in Minneapolis. The Loft sponsors workshops, readings and other special events.

Midwest Book Review One of the premier book review sites in the country. E-stand An "internet newsstand" with links to a large number of web 'zines and e-publishers.

Poetry in the Arts An Austin, Texas-based organization founded "to promote poetry as a cultural alternative". They publish anthologies and have an excellent publisher and literary periodical database.

Zoetrope Studios A good forum for short stories, screenplays, and other writing.

Local Publishers

Coffe House Press A small Twin Cities publisher with an excellent poetry offering.

Graywolf Press A small publisher for 25 years, now located in the Twin Cities.

Marsh River Editions Marsh River Editions, which formerly published FreeVerse, still publishes poetry books and chapbooks.

Milkweed Edtitions A Twin Cities publisher of poetry and fiction with an emphasis on cultural diversity and the environment.

Post-Asemic Press A publisher of asemic writing, visual poetry, and other art/writing hybrids. They opened their doors in 2017, and are a sister press to Asemic Editions.

Writers Mike Ramberg's home page. Mike has some of his work posted here.

Tony Rauch's website Tony has info in his books and screenplays here.

Joel's Studio Whistling Shade's zany editor, Joel Van Valin, has some of his own work posted here.