Tao~Zen Verses

Hanakia Zedek

What is this construct called the world? How are we to live within its boundaries? And what lies beyond? In this series of short verses, by turns subtle, commanding, and even comic, shaman and mystic Hanakia Zedek peers into the universe through the guise of a 'warrior-sage'. "Both Tao and Zen are said to be unexplainable," Zedek writes in his Preface, "for in the mere movement towards them, they disappear. Herein I articulate experience and extrapolate the depth in which I am touched by these elusive twins." Written in the style of Lao Tzu's Tao Te Ching, Tao~Zen Verses is a book of many paths, a fresh window into age-old questions.

Today I may be the wind
Take heed and listen
For I whisper From within

(verse 75)

Hanakia Zedek has been involved in the Psycho~Spiritual, Metaphysical, Esoteric, Philosophical, and Martial Arts for over 40 years. His 30 years of teaching professionally has provided him with cutting edge tools to deal with all aspects of life and beyond. He is best known for his Philosophy of Nothing.

Hanakia is a man with an unfettered mind and true clarity, leaving solid impressions on all of mankind. His fluid articulation of the philosophy of nothing brings his students deep into the 'Rabbit Hole' called Self, and here we realize there is Nothing else.
Kathy Tlougan

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