Forever I'll Love You (Perhaps)

by Stephanie Scarborough
Forever I'll love you—I swear I will; 
Not really, but the sentiment is nice. 
And when I said I'd love you up until 
My dying day I was just kidding. Nice 
To know I have a sense of humor, eh? 
That night that I can't mention I was just 
A little bored, that's all, and can I say 
My snoring should have told you that. I trust 
You were bored too. The movie was so dull 
We had to kill time somehow, don't you know. 
You knew that, right? And then to fill the lull 
In conversation I said that I loved you so. 
What could I say, my dear? I was so bored. 
Again, you should have known that when I snored. 

© 2002 by Stephanie Scarborough. All rights reserved.