Vol II, No 1 Spring 2002 ISSN 1537-1867

The Free Zone by Joyce Yarrow

The Square Root of Bull Hollow by Barry Simms

The Legend of Robin Hood by Joel Van Valin

Profile—Paula Fox by Weston Cutter

Mostly Water by Sandy Carlson
Two Crows by Sandy Carlson
Derby Day by Sandy Carlson

What Ms. Nin Might Have Said by Anthony Telschow

Decembrist by Kate Zangrilli

Doughnut Sonnet No. 43 by Stephanie Scarborough
Forever I'll Love You (Perhaps) by Stephanie Scarborough

Self Government Group Meeting by Neil Cunningham

Bombing Merzbau by Scott Helmes

Aftermath by Nikole Williams

Peripheral Vision by Ian Randall Wilson
Instructions for Opening a Door by Ian Randall Wilson

Scrabble by Shelly Reed

Story Time by Rhonda Dahl