Bombing Merzbau

by Scott Helmes
Sir, what are todayís targets?
None assigned.
Thatís not possible, is it, Sir?
No, but do we have a contingent plan?
Merzbau*, Sir.
Sir, Merzbau.
Why Merzbau?
Why not Merzbau, Sir.

Waldhausenstrasse 5, Hannover, Sir.
It has an air of improbability in it.
But itís German and contains a headless
War veteran playing Christmas carols, Sir.
Is it art?
Itís overlooking Eilenriede, a strategic
View and itís a harmonized social environment, Sir.
Is it lethal?
As an autobiographical depository, its apertures and concavities
Are offensive to the idea of art, Sir.
If we do this, will we have made the world safe from Art?
Yes Sir.
And, whatís todayís date?
October 8th, Sir
October 8th, 1943. 

* Merzbau:  A dada/constructivist art work 
that consisted of huge abstract grottos that were built in 
the interior of Kurt Schwitter's house in Hannover. The work 
had sections containing numerous objects and were given names 
of an autobiographical nature. Started around 1925, the work 
eventually consumed several rooms on various floors of the 
large house.  It was destroyed in World War II by allied bombing.

© 2002 by Scott Helmes. All rights reserved.