Vol II, No 4 Winter 2002 ISSN 1537-1867

The Uptown Lit by Neil Haugerud

Lovely Traditions by Judd Hampton
Art in the Valley by J.K. Mason
Transcript by Dave Fromm
Happy Hour by Braxton Younts

Remembering: A Tribute to Paul Wellstone
by Larry McDonough

Of the Sky by Janie Shelton Whisenhunt
In the Cold by Jesse Glass
Mourn Him by Jesse Glass
[please mind the gap] by Jennifer Mack
[sand] by Jennifer Mack
For Raymond Carver by Ed Teja
Like the Very Mold on My Bread Is He
by Stephanie Scarborough
Farewell, Adieu, Dear Nagging Wife
by Stephanie Scarborough

John Osander

The Old and the Cheap
Whistling Shade's Used Book Store Tour
The Beautiful Strength of Richard Powers
by Weston Cutter

The Burden of "Fitzcarraldo"

Bingo Under the Crucifix by Laurie Foos
Faces in the Crowds (anthology)
Godcountry by Colleen Drippe
Get Your War On by David Rees
American Studies by Louis Menand
Call Me Kick! by John Osander