Vol III, No 3 Fall 2003 ISSN 1537-1867

Red and Its Biographer by Steve Mueske
Utah by Garry Nordenstam
To Ask Her (For Prashant) by Neha Malhotra
Lyric by Patrick Erickson
First Patrol by Jim Cooley
The Custodian by Danny P. Barbare
Haiku by Carly Svamvour
Sparse Music by Sharon Chmielarz
That's What Cell Phones Are For
    by T. Robert Torkildson

I'm Dead, Now What? by Michael Fedo
Dope, Discipline, Derangement
    by Justin Teerlinck
Thirteen by Nick Padron
Rise and Fall by Michael Davidson

Indians in the Arborvitae by Michael Fedo
Sin of Omission by David Evans Katz
Twelve Branches—Stories from St. Paul
    by Nora Murphy, Joanna Rawson,
    Julia Klatt Singer and Diego Vázquez, Jr.

Edna St. Vincent Millay - A Pilgrimage
    by Joel Van Valin
Profile—C.D. Wright by Weston Cutter

Heat Stroke by Karen Kleiman

Leni Riefenstahl's Divided Legacy