To Ask Her (For Prashant)

by Neha Malhotra
I met her by the poolside,
smiled at her
fresh skinned beauty.

She smiled back
with those amber eyes
as she fastened a robe
around her

I want to touch
her dark brown hair,
find out
if she 
wrinkles her nose
when she laughs.

I'm scared to ask her out, 
see those fluid movements 
of her supple limbs
freeze into icy disdain.

I want to hold her, 
guide drops of water
down her golden skin
and play
hide and seek with
the wind that blows her hair
in sinuous waves.

Iíll go for a swim today
and as I hold her close
with my eyes,
breathe the 
same air as
I'll be
to ask her.

© 2003 by Neha Malhotra. All rights reserved.