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The Sisters

by Richard Donnelly


I went to lunch with her

we sat in the skyway on a bench

eating our salads she said this is where

two girls opened a knitting shop they called

themselves sisters but they

weren’t sisters at all they lived together

in Galtier and they loved

each other and did well and had

knitting classes and crocheting but

then one sister started selling beads and

then jewelry and they expanded but rent is

high in the skyway

and people got tired of

beading or jewelry or whatever and so they

went back to knitting but people got tired

of that and they tried sewing machines

but it was too late I guess

and they fought we could hear

them all the way to the bank and we only

saw the one sister or the other

and then none and then a

new sister came in and we never saw

the other sister

but the new sister never smiled

and they closed down they couldn’t sell

anything anymore

beads or hoop earrings

the two who loved the most lost each other

and their store is empty

she leaned her head on my

shoulder don’t you think she said

that’s the most romantic thing you ever heard