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Jurors, There Is Absolutely No Smoking In This Building

Week 20


We Go Out Early

Public Trout


Three Short Poems

I Was on Safari Once and Never Felt So Alive

The In-Between

All Day It Was About Distances


Close Hearing

That summer

Villanelle for the John Deere Implement Dealer

Ghost Moose

I, Rock

And all of them will tell you about it

The Sisters


Traffic Court

To Paul Gruchow


by Philip Dacey

by Lauren Raheja


by Cameron Bieganek

by Norita Dittberner-Jax

by Franco Pagnucci

by Leisha Douglas

by Erica Skog

by Lee Henschel

by Kimberly Nunes


by John Grey

by Elizabeth Carothers Herron

by Joanna M. Weston

by Marilyn Baszczynski

by Jeanne Lutz


by Kate Hallett Dayton

by Ted King

by DS Maolalai


by Richard Donnelly

by Barbara Tramonte

by Ken Haas

by Rodney Nelson



From the Whistler