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Whistling Shade - Fall/Winter 2016

From the Whistler - Joel Van Valin


The Earth Falls to the Apple - Saramanda Swigart

The Passenger - Lee Henschel Jr.

The Pedlar Fights for His Neighborhood - Patricia Barone

Hair Grows - Fred M.B. Amram

Fun Patrol: Who Says Quack - Justin Teerlinck

The Sound - Kate Maruyama

Nun Room - John C. Wright


New Details on the Heist of Giacometti's Seated Woman - John-Ivan Palmer

Water - Bleuzette La Feir


Dame de Port Arthur - Bob Carlton

Dream Poem with a Bat and the Buddha - Margaret Hasse

The Tsarina's Tea Set - Sharon Chmielarz

Temple Church - Ruth Holzer

In Remembrance of Her - Ivan de Monbrison

For My Sister - C.W. Emerson

Civilized - Jamie Lynn Heller

Bags of Potting Soil - Mark Blaeuer

a lifetime - John Sweet

The Singers of Oradour-sur-Glane - Sharon Kennedy-Nolle

orphan - Jim Butcher

Gravitas - Bruce McRae

Teaching My Dog to Read - Mike Finley

Luckily - Catharine Lucas

Hibbing - Merridawn Duckler


The Sailing Master by Lee Henschel Jr.

Walks Along the Ditch by Bill Tremblay

Firstborn by Franco Pagnucci