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by Catharine Lucas


Luckily I can sometimes weep—

Luckily I have my remedies:

Most nights I can go to sleep

to your muted CD melodies.


Luckily the movies change.

The libraries are never out of books.

Luckily I've reached an age

When I care no longer "how it looks".


Luckily I paid the shrink

Enough those years to wear my rage as grace

To stick my elbows out and think:

You'll have to stand the sight of my True Face.


Luckily I know now, how to shout:

Heart in throat, I make a lion's roar.

Luckily the There, theres don't run out—

Luckily there's chocolate in the drawer.


Luckily no one can hear me boom,

Bawling in my stationary car.

Don't know what's happening in your room—

Your broken door no longer stands ajar.


Luckily we're grown-ups here

Determined that the friendship will survive—

Luckily I still can call you "Dear"

Because I know you're leaving in July.