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A Life with the Movies

by Sharon Chmielarz


Not too much, is it, to ask from a week–

Tuesday. Night of the Iguana. Tequila.

I’d hate to drink to nothing at all.


Wednesday, The Northwest Passage to Friday,

I lift my glass to the empty chair beside me.

Not too much, is it? To ask from a week?


Thursday is totally Mutiny on the Bounty.

I mix a Titanic: drink three and you’re sunk.

I’d hate to drink nothing at all.


Chicago. Valentine’s Day. Al Capone. Still

bloody alone. Calls for a double shot.

Not too much to ask from a week. Is it


Saturday? Dinner at Eight. 1933. I’m late.

Sunday’s Love in the Afternoon, a boring fling.

I hate to drink to nothing. After all


Father Knows Best. Monday is a light white

wine, sipped for all the Miss Lonely Hearts.

Not too much to ask, is it, from a week

of drinking to nothing at all? That I’d hate.