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Whistling Shade - Spring/Summer 2017

From the Whistler - Joel Van Valin


Bonfires - Suzanne Nielsen

The Flip Side of This Side of Paradise - Chuck Holmes

The Marlboro Man - Brian Howlett

Fun Patrol: Ossibus Versus Lithorobotron - Justin Teerlinck

Essay & Memoir

Screenwritings - Whistling Shade's Cinema Issue feature article

In Praise of Foreign Films - Thomas R. Smith


A Life with the Movies - Sharon Chmielarz

Reincarnation - Bob Rice

After the Ride - Holly Day

As For the Kiss - Doris Ferleger

It Is a Fearful Thing - Gwendolyn Jensen

The Question Posed by a Client from the Hospital - Abby Caplin

When I Woke Up and Saw Them Both - Victor Altshul

She Moved On - Eleanore Lee

Irises - Betsy Martin

Sisyphus - Morgan Grayce Willow

The Elevator and the Pants - Tom Pescatore

Under Brugmansia - Wulf Losee

Don't Quit - Richard Donnelly

I've Loved You - Conrad Geller


We're in America Now: A Survivor's Stories by Fred Amram

Between Us by Margaret Hasse

Muladonna by Eric Stener Carlson


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