About Whistling Shade

Whistling Shade is a Saint Paul literary newspaper. We take a populist approach to literature, and our readers are the general public rather than the academics and literati targeted by most lit journals. Our hope is to keep literature, that whistling ghost at the back of our social consciousness, enjoyable and accessible in the Twin Cities.

Whistling Shade was founded in 2001 and our print circulation is 500. We currently publish annually, and issues are available with a subscription, and online at whistlingshade.com. Typically, an issue is available as a $1 PDF download when it is published, and the web version is released a couple of months later.

In 2008 we began publishing books - see the Whistling Shade Press page for more information.

Note that all work here is copyrighted by the authors (not by Whistling Shade).

Publisher and Managing Editor: Joel Van Valin
Fiction Editors: Rock LaManna, Lizzy Adams
Poetry Editors: Julian Bernick, Sharon Chmielarz
Columnist: Justin Teerlinck
Reviews: Ed Teja, Jordan Hirsch

Above, some of the spirits behind the Shade:
Michael Ramberg, Rhonda Niola, Deanna Reiter, Justin Teerlinck,
Lauren Bartel, Joel Van Valin, Sten Johnson