Whistling Shade Press

Since 2008, Whistling Shade Press has been a publisher of literary fiction and poetry. Click on the links below to purchase books directly from us.

The Sound of Light by Greg Watson. Poetry. 79 pages. $14. ISBN 978-0-9829335-2-7
The Neighborhood Division by Jeff Vande Zande. Stories. 160 pages. $14. ISBN 978-0-9829335-9-6
Castle Bash by Julian Bernick. Poetry. 100 pages. $12. ISBN 978-0-9829335-8-9
Encounter in Prague by Jarda Cervenka. Stories. 165 pages. $14. ISBN 978-0-9829335-7-2
Shades of Myth chapbook. Poetry. 20 pages. $3.
Detroit Muscle by Jeff Vande Zande. Fiction. 153 pages. $14. ISBN 978-0-98293356-5.
Gyuri by Marilyn Baszczynski. Poetry. 46 pages. $14. ISBN 978-0-98293354-1.
what if i got down on my knees? by Tony Rauch. Fiction. 200 pages. $12. ISBN 978-0-98293355-8.
Celebrated Navigation by Jarda Cervenka. Fiction. 248 pages. $14. ISBN 978-0-98293353-4.
Becoming by D. Garcia-Wahl. Poetry. 65 pages. $12. ISBN 978-0-98003758-6.
Tao~Zen Verses by Hanakia Zedek. Poetry. 56 pages. $12. ISBN 978-0-98003759-3.
The Sky Is Great, the Sky Is Blue by Sharon Chmielarz. Poetry. 77 pages. $12. ISBN 978-0-98293350-3.
Threatened Species by Jeff Vande Zande. Fiction. 174 pages. $14. ISBN 978-0-98003757-9.
Cadaver's Dance by David McLean. Poetry. 90 pages. $12. ISBN 978-0-98003753-1.
Fausto's Afternoon by Jarda Cervenka. Short stories. 244 pages. $14 ISBN 978-0-98003752-4.
The Watch by Norita Dittberner-Jax. Poetry. 72 pages. $12 ISBN 978-0-98003754-8.
Tales from the Tinker's Dam by Daniel Gabriel. Short stories. 147 pages. $12.99 ISBN 978-0-98003751-7.


If you have a manuscript you would like us to consider, see our press submissions page. Note that we only consider manuscripts by authors previously published in Whistling Shade.