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Maria Cinanni

Avere troppa memoria non fa star bene 
nessuno. Si diventa malinconici.* 
       - Maurizio Maggiani, 
         Il Coraggio del Pettirosso 

As if every hole 
in the roads 
could be filled 
in a second. 

That is when you are driving, 
or walking 
with a silly but human 
expression in your eyes. 

Here is the first hole 
where I drop a few words. 
Over there is another: 
an imaginary one. 

On the shores of a calm 
sea, fishermen are yelling, 
chatting in deep Calabrian dialect. 

It is April. 
By the seafront their boats 
are neatly lined up, 
freshly varnished, 
ready for a new season.

* “Having too many memories isn’t good for anyone.
   You become melancholy.”

Maria Cinanni grew up in Ottawa, Canada and now lives in Umbria, Italy, where she works as an educator. Quasi-hysterical, culturally-insecure Maria writes poetry when she manages to find a pen.