Whistling Shade - Spring/Summer 2018

From the Whistler - Joel Van Valin


Normandy Diary - Fred Farris

The Legend of Zaramarouq - Alexandros Plasatis

Fun Patrol: Big Mister Above, Smurf Tail Below - Justin Teerlinck

Essay & Memoir

Manoomin - Jay Wilkinson

Dining with the Breatharians - John-Ivan Palmer

Rhine Wine - Fred Farris

The Beer Cheese Soup Bowl - Chuck Boyer

Rome and John Keats - Lizzie Klaesges

Lost Writers of Minnesota: Arthur Upson - Joel Van Valin


Forgive Me, Edith Sodergran - Bart Sutter

Refinishing - Mary Davini

Robin - Carol Rucks

Class Reunion - Chet Corey

Smallholdings - Gordon Ommen

Like a Deer - Laurie Sewall

Dust and Hair - Matthew J. Spireng

In Case the Wind Finds Life Again - Gannon Daniels

Might I Ever Receive a Rose Again - Mary Louise Kiernan Hagerdon

I Captured a Flying Ant - Brenton Rossow

2.5 Almonds - Justin Hyde

Lesfe - Matt Peckham

Star - Mike Finley

Orchard - William Snyder Jr.

Food Indigo - F.J. Bergmann

Cycling Past Kamakura - Taylor Bond

Emily as the Harbor Knows - Darren C. Demaree

Little Song - Greg Watson

Leftover - Jeff Burt


The Long Passage by Lee Henschel Jr.

Crossing the Waters by Norita Dittberner-Jax

Little Eternities by Sharon Chmielarz

Retrospective - Highlights of Past Issues

Grace Flandrau (Spring 2008)


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